March Recap: Ins & Outs

With today being the end of March, it’s time that I finally do a Monthly Recap. To be honest, I’m in better spirits writing this recap than I was writing February’s Monthly Recap. This month has been much better in a number of ways- in terms of work, and for my health. I feel as though many aspects of my life are finally getting back on track, and that makes me so incredibly happy. All I can hope is that I can carry on this momentum into April.

But enough about how I’m feeling. Let’s get into the March recap, shall we?


1. Challenging myself

I’ve challenged myself a lot during March. Difficult workouts, adapting yoga into my morning routine, expanding my freelance business…that’s honestly the tip of the ice burg! It’s been terrifying at certain points, but it’s also incredibly exciting! I know that it’s  all going to bring about a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits will take more time than others to show, but I know that it will eventually happen.

2. Yoga

As I mentioned above, I incorporated yoga into my morning routine this month. I do this after applying my makeup, but before I’ve eaten my breakfast. I roll out my yoga mat, put my earbuds in, play some soft music, and then begin. I find all my yoga routines on Pinterest, which allows me to switch things up. Practicing yoga allows me to clear my mind before I get into another crazy day.

3. Billie Ellish

Honest to God, I have no clue what took me so damn long to listen to Billie Ellish. But her music is incredible! I’m actually jamming out to her music as I’m writing this very blog post. So if you need any proof that I’m loving her and her music, that should definitely do it. It’s just so beautiful and haunting! I’ve even listened to it while doing yoga on occasion (not that I mind, of course).


1. Being so alone

I’ve taken on a hell of a lot of work recently, and I’ve taken charge of my health big time. It’s been really rewarding, but there’s one caveat- my social life has suffered a massive blow. So one goal I have for the month of April is to socialize more.

2. Negativity

I consider myself to be something of a realist- I always go into any situation with realistic expectations. While it makes me feel better about anything I’m about to get into, the biggest drawback is that it makes me a little negative. Couple that with pre-existing negative viewpoints, and it’s more than a little draining. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being a realist, but I do know that I can tackle how negative I am.

3. Sweaters

I have something of a sweater problem, so it’s surprising to even me that they’d end up on the Outs side of a recap. But with how cold it’s been recently, I’ve had to wear some of the same sweaters week in and week out. I’m too stubborn to buy anything new, so I’m just trying to tough things out for now.


There you have it! March was a pretty good month, so I have some solid expectations that April will be even better. Here’s hoping that I can trade realism for optimism when it comes to this.




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