Day in the Life: Work from Home Edition

A lot of my work is done from home. This is the case for both my freelance career, and partly true for my full-time job. It’s not all about doing nothing while wearing my pyjamas. I try to follow some sort of routine in order to stay consistent. So, I thought it’d be interesting to give you some insight as to what I do during a day of me working from home. Keep in mind that I’m balancing both my full-time job and my freelance work during the week; therefore, certain times and projects change on a day-to-day basis. So, this is just an idea of what happens during a single work day.

So, without further ado, here’s an example of a day in the life while working from home!

4:45AM – Wake Up Call

  • This may seem like a weird time to wake up, but I find that it works for me. I try my best to not grab my phone and fall back into bed. I get up, and stay up because I just want to start my day as soon as possible.

5AM – Morning Skin Care Routine & Drinks

  • After using the bathroom, I follow my morning skin care routine. (Click here to learn my skin care routine!) I’ll throw my contacts in for the day after I’m done my skin care routine. Once that’s all done, I’ll go make my morning coffee and grab my ice-filled 40 oz. water bottle.

5:30AM – Makeup Routine(?)

  • I don’t always do this, mainly because I sometimes get lazy. If I end up putting makeup on, it’s the bare minimum; brows, foundation, concealer, you get the idea. The reason I like doing it is because it makes me feel a little more put together- even when I’m wearing sweats. While I’m putting on makeup, I’m sipping both my giant water bottle and my coffee, too.

6AM – Yoga Session and Jewels

  • Once my makeup’s finished, I roll out my yoga mat and practice aa yoga routine. I have several saved on Pinterest, and I like to rotate through several different routines. That’s because I like changing things up, but it also depends on how I’m feeling or if I have time. If I’m running late or feeling unwell, I do a quick routine. If I have more time or feel like trying a challenge, I’ll do something more difficult. Depending on the length and/or difficulty, this can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. I also listen to soft music during this time. When I’m done doing yoga, I’ll throw on my rings and earrings, if only to feel even more pulled together.

6:30AM – Breakfast

  • After all that, I usually heat up my coffee because it’s gone cold (weird, I know). As I’m finishing that and my water, I’ll begin making my breakfast. I tend to go with either PB & B Egg White Oatmeal, or vegan steel cut oats. I’ll cook it up, and then eat it at the dining table with my phone. I check social media, watch YouTube, or play Sudoku while I eat.

7AM – Clean Up & Supplements

  • After cleaning up from breakfast, I’ll brush my teeth and then take all of my supplements. (Click here to learn what vitamins I take regularly!) Once I finish taking these, I’ll have finished my 40 oz water bottle by then. I’ll switch to my 17 oz. water bottle soon after, and use that for the rest of the day.

7:15AM – Writing My To Do List

  • I write a massive To Do List for the week in a large notebook every Sunday. On the day in question that I’m working, I’ll refer to both it and my bullet journal to figure out what all I need to do. I always try to write it in the order of when I want it all done; but if it turns out to be out of order, that’s okay.

7:45AM – Reading & Relaxing

  • I try to read a minimum of one chapter a day, just to get some more reading done. I used to do this at night, but I find myself enjoying it more in the morning instead. When I’ve finished reading, I’ll scroll through my phone for a little while.

8AM- Emails

  • This is usually when I turn my laptop on for the day. I check my emails first, and take care of anything that needs to be addressed.

8:30AM – Work Day Starts

  • When I work from home, I typically clock in around 8:30AM or so. From that time until lunch, I’m usually:
    • Uploading social media posts
    • Checking in with my boss to see if he needs anything
    • Managing my boss’ email and social media
    • Working on any projects that are currently in progress

12-1PM – Lunch!

  • It’s usually somewhere during noon to 1PM that I get hungry for lunch. I try to make something healthy, and then eat it at my desk. I don’t eat and work, though; I’m usually watching YouTube or listening to a podcast in the meantime.

1:30PM – Second Coffee

  • I tend to make another coffee shortly after eating lunch. I’m usually tired at this point, so it’s the best way to perk myself up again.

1:45PM – Work Day Resumes

  • With my second coffee in hand, I resume work shortly after. Between then and when the work day ends (around 5PM or so), my duties include:
    • Uploading remaining social media posts
    • Checking in/updating my boss on today and tomorrow’s schedule
    • Managing my boss’ email and social media
    • Continuing any projects I have going on

5PM – Dinner!

  • Once I’ve finished working at my full-time job, I’ll have dinner. Like with lunch, I try to make something that’s super healthy and filling.

6:30PM – Work Out

  • I work out in the evening because I find that it works best with my lifestyle. I’ll get dressed in gym clothes, gather my things, and then head out to the gym. I have a specific work out schedule written in my bullet journal that I try my best to follow.

7:30-8PM – Shower & Night Time Skin Care Routine

  • Once I’m home from the gym, I get a nice hot shower. I wash my hair every other day; and when I do, I’ll use leave-in conditioner afterwards. I also practice my night time skin care routine at this time. This is also the time when I trade my contacts in for glasses.

8:30PM – Freelance Work

  • It’s usually at this point that I’ll do any work that needs to be done for clients. I may also work on fiction WIPs, or just do one or the other.

9:30-10PM – Night Time Routine

  • When I’ve concluded work for the day, I’ll finally shut my laptop down. I plug in anything that needs charging, set my alarm, and have my skin care and makeup products out for the next day. If I’m going into the office the nest day, I’ll also have clothes out and ready.

10:30-11PM – Bed Time

  • As you can see, I tend to go to bed pretty late despite my early wake up time. But it’s mostly because I’m trying to cram so much stuff during the day. It’s not wonderful, but it’s worth it.


Working from home can be stressful, but it’s something that I do enjoy doing. While office days are enjoyable, working from home allows me to set my own routine- something that I thoroughly like.

Feel free to share with me what your work from home routine looks like. I’d love to know!



Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager

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