July Recap: Ins & Outs

First and foremost, I apologize for not ever uploading a June Recap blog post. I’ll be honest- June wasn’t one of my best months this year. It was pretty disappointing on numerous fronts. It was just a smart decision to take some time away to clear my mind.

So, here’s a July Recap to get back into it! This month was much better in terms of my professional life, and getting my health back on track. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m happy with all the progress I’ve made.

Without further delay, let’s jump into it!


1. Tiffany blue

Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate Tiffany blue into my decor. I’ve had my walls painted that colour quite some time, but it’s not enough. I’ve purchased several office supplies that are the same shade, and it looks so sharp! I’m currently looking into getting some more Tiffany blue items off of Amazon or wherever else to tie things up as best as I can.

2. Socializing with friends

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m something of a hermit. Thanks to working from home most of the time,  I tend to keep to myself for the most part. Most of my interactions with others take place on social media. But I’ve branched out into meeting up with a friend to go shopping, grab a bite to eat or watch a movie. It forces me out of the house as a way to treat myself after a long week of work.

3. Nonfiction books

Don’t get me wrong- I love fiction novels as much as the next person. They’re entertaining, making them great for whenever you need to escape from reality. Having said that, certain nonfiction books that I’ve read have made me feel smarter and more informed about certain topics. I definitely plan to make a list that’s comprised of a few of my favourite nonfiction books so you can see what I’m into.


1. Sunburns

Summer’s in full swing, and that means one thing- the sun is out and super hot pretty much all the time. If you tan, that’s good news for you. But for someone like me- who burns badly without sunscreen- it’s not so. Of course, I’ve already received a nasty sunburn back during the Canada Day long weekend. So…yeah, I’m done with sunburns already.

2. Editing my WIP

My Wattpad WIP, Lexi’s Love & War (you can read the first book here), hasn’t been edited in so long. I’ve had so much on my plate with my full-time job and my freelance clients (new and existing) that it kind of fell to the wayside. I’m hoping that August will quiet down just enough to allow me some time to edit this story. Perhaps it will start being uploaded to Wattpad sometime in the fall or winter.

3. Working from home at my desk

Don’t get me wrong; when it’s necessary for me to work at my desk, I do it. But lately, I’ve been drawn to working from my bed for a change. I have a portable table that I use to sit my laptop on so it doesn’t overheat on my bed. My planner and a few pens are on the bed so I can cross stuff off my To Do List that day. I also have my TV going, streaming either YouTube or Netflix just to have some sound going. I’ve been getting more work done, and I’m loving it!


That’s it for the July Recap! I’m quite excited about having a good August. Here’s hoping that that turns out to be the case!




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