August Recap: Ins & Outs

August is pretty much over, which means that fall is fast approaching. My summer wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped, but it was certainly fun! Hell, this past month has been interesting in more ways than one. Granted, a lot of that for me concerns work and my health. I kinda talked about the work aspect in a previous blog post; as for the health-related stuff, I’m going to get into that a later time.

But for right now, it’s time for my monthly recap! Here’s what I felt was in and what was out for the month of August.


1. Working in coffee shops

Yes, I’m aware that this is something of an expensive habit to get into. But I have to admit that working at my desk at home can lead me to become somewhat distracted with other stuff. So far, forcing myself to put on makeup, wear real clothes and trek out to a Starbucks or a small little place to grab a cup of coffee before settling down to work for a few hours. I’ve found that I’m getting more work done because I’m forced to focus on my computer, rather than what show I’m watching on TV or something.

2. Editing my WIP

I finally resumed editing my WIP this month! Granted, I’ve only managed to edit a few chapters due to an increase in workload among other things. But a few chapters is still better than nothing, so I’m going to take it. A small victory is still a victory nonetheless, in my opinion.

3. Girls Gotta Eat podcast

A friend of mine kept bringing up Girls Gotta Eat as a podcast that she adores. I looked into it to see that this podcast covers dating, relationships and sex in a funny yet insightful manner. I think the hosts are hilarious when giving out helpful tips or telling amusing or embarrassing stories about their experiences. I just think it’s a delight to listen to.


1. Being afraid of putting myself out there

With my recent decision to up my content and social media game, I’m no longer going to allow the fear of putting myself out there hold me back. It’s a scary prospect; one I’m already nervous about. But I’m sick of not doing what I want in the name of fear. That’s why I’ve decided that fear is out.

2. Working around the clock

As a full-time freelancer (at least at the moment), I’ve fallen into the trap of working long hours that aren’t necessarily set. It’s unhealthy, stressful and frankly downright stupid. I’m looking forward to trying to set regular hours so that I don’t burn out from working too much.

3. Sugar & empty carbs

All I have to say about this is that I need to cut down on artificial sugar in my diet. I also need to need healthier carbs instead of the empty ones that I have been consuming. It’s straightforward, but let’s see if it actually happens.


So, there you have it! That’s my August Recap- and what a good month it was, now that I think about it. Now that summer’s going to be over sooner than later, it’s time to prepare for September to make its appearance. Needless to say, I’m excited for a new month to start.




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