September Recap: Ins & Outs

I’m not gonna lie- I’m beyond glad that September is done. It hasn’t been all that eventful or interesting; if anything, it’s been filled with more than a little disappointment. I’m super excited for October to come around, as a new month typically means a fresh start.

Let’s just jump into the September Recap, shall we?


1. It: Chapter Two

I saw this on opening weekend, and oh my GOD it was spectacular. I saw It back in 2017, and I love that film a lot. So it goes without saying that I had high expectations for the sequel. While I found it a bit on the long side (It’s almost three hours long!), I still think it was well done. If you love horror movies and/or Stephen King’s work, It: Chapter Two is a film that you need to see!

2. OrangeTheory Fitness

This isn’t an ad or a sponsorship in any way, shape or form, I swear! But I’ve been going to OrangeTheory Fitness for a few months now, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ve decided that starting next month, I’m going to attend many more classes so I can try my best to lose more weight and get healthier.

3. Coming up with a new book idea

With my current manuscript sitting on the backburn due to some length issues (among other things), I’ve decided to come up with a brand new book idea. It hasn’t been easy, though: nothing sounds good to me, and I feel like I won’t decide something anytime soon. I’m just glad that I decided to focus on writing a new book for once!


1. Starbucks food

Because I’ve been working at Starbucks way more than I should, I’ve been buying a ton of coffee there (naturally). But that also means that I’ve been buying food from there, too. While it’s tasty and works in a pinch, it’s really not the healthiest thing around. I need to go back to making my own meals again- it’s way cheaper!

2. Buying books

Speaking of saving money…another way I seriously need to do so is by not buying so many friggin’ books. I buy so many and then take forever to read them. It’s pathetic, I know. I’ve vowed to read at least 12 books (fiction, nonfiction and/or poetry) before I’m allowed to even consider buying another book.

3. Permanent retainer

After 10+ years of wearing a permanent retainer, I’ve finally switched to the non-permanent one.  It feels so good not feeling a metal wire behind my teeth for a change! Plus, they’ve been slowly feeling cleaner and cleaner since their removal.


That’s my September Recap! Hopefully, between Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween, October will be more fun. I’m really counting on it!



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