My Favourite Productivity Hacks

Some days, getting a ton of stuff done is super easy to do. You’re knocking out task after task over several hours with little to no interruption or issues. Those are the kind of days I love having. Who doesn’t love getting so much done in a single day?

If you’re currently struggling with being productive, I have a few hacks I use to try and help me out. Whether you’re trying to get more work done, get in more workouts or complete those chores you’ve been procrastinating on, here are 5 of my favourite productivity hacks that you can try to help you out.

1. Waking up early

During the workweek, I wake up in or around 4 AM. That’s because I go to OrangeTheory at 5:15 AM from Monday to Friday. Am I crazy? Maybe- I’ll let you decide. But by getting up so early, I’m able to get my workout in first thing in the morning. Plus, waking up early gives me more hours in a day to work on whatever I need to get done.

If you struggle to get up early because you’re not a morning person, believe me- I feel you! I wrote a blog a few months ago about how to wake up early every day, which gives tips on how to try and be more of a morning person. It’s not an easy thing to do it- but with enough discipline and patience, it’s certainly possible.

2. Making lists

When I know I have a ton of shit to do, I’ll make a big To-Do list. I try to group them by work, chores, and appointments (just to name a few) to make it clear what’s what. Writing out lists- be it on paper, in my Notes app or even a Post-It note- helps organize my thoughts so that it’s clear what I need to get done that day. That helps boost my productivity because I’ll feel more organized, and therefore will want to get to work.

If you need more convincing to get into making lists, I suggest checking out my blog about the science behind making lists. It’ll help you understand why it’s so important, as well as how it’ll help you in your everyday life.

3. Using a planner

My planner is a lifesaver. If I didn’t have it, I honestly believe that I’d be a mess. Between it and making lists, I’m able to be super organized. For me, being organized helps me become productive. That’s because when I’m organized, I find that I have a clearer mind and am able to better see what needs to be done when.

If you find that a planner doesn’t work for your lifestyle, that’s okay! You do you. But if you aren’t using one and are looking to become more productive, perhaps you should try using a planner and see how it goes.

4. Listening to music or podcasts

This sounds weird, but please hear me out! Whenever I have a more mundane task to do (i.e. cleaning, shoveling snow, etc.), I always, always have earbuds or headphones on. I need to, or else I’m going to get bored quickly and begin hating the task I have to complete. Listening to music and/or podcasts gives my brain enough of a distraction to make the task I’m completing a little less mundane.

I don’t have any particular music I listen to; I just listen to whatever piques my interest at the moment. The same idea goes for podcasts (although you can find out some of my favourites in a past blog). You don’t have to listen exclusively to one or the other; again, you do you!

5. Taking breaks when necessary

I know that this sounds rather counterproductive. But for me, I have a tendency to overwork myself. Working from home for myself can cause me to fall into the trap of burning myself out to the point of exhaustion and/or illness. As much as this workaholism-like culture is pushed onto us, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t healthy. It straight up isn’t.

So during a workday, I try to take a break once in a while by going on my phone or chatting with others online. On the weekends where I have to work, I try to balance it out with some time for play. This could be watching TV, reading, or playing video games. It helps me blow off steam in an effective manner.


Everyone can find themselves being unproductive once in a while. It happens, and it’s okay! But hopefully, these productivity hacks can help you get out of that slump. Do you have any good productivity hacks that work for you? Please let me know in the comments down below!




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