March 2020 Recap: Ins & Outs

March has been a hell of a month- there are no two ways about it. I don’t think I need to explain why. Coronavirus has completely dominated the news cycle all around the world, and that includes Canada. It’s totally fucked everything up and has made this month feel like it’s lasted for a year.

Despite all of the craziness that’s occurred, I’m still determined to do a March 2020 Recap. Here are all of the things that I loved and hated throughout this very, very long and tiring month.


1. Running

With my gym having to close down for the unforeseeable future (thanks, COVID-19), I had to figure out a new workout to do. While doing workout circuits has been fun, I’ve found myself going outside for a run in the early evening. It’s helped me improve on my running because I’m forced to pace myself in a different way than if I were running on a treadmill. I love it!

2. Nintendo Switch

I don’t have as much time in the evenings during the week due to that time being spent working out instead. But I’m still able to squeeze in plenty of gaming time anyways. It’s my favourite way to decompress after a long day of work.

3. Working From Home

Granted, I’ve been doing this before COVID-19 happened. But before that, I sometimes would go out to coffee shops and whatnot to get some work done undistracted. Now that that’s not possible, I’m really confined to my bedroom/office area. While I do have days where I don’t get as much done as I’d like, I’m still getting shit done during this difficult time.


1. Winter

Winter is gone!… For now. Here’s hoping that it’ll stay this way. The weather here in Ontario, Canada has been quite nice, and I’m loving it. As far as I’m concerned, winter can fuck right off now.

2. Meditating

At the beginning of this month, I decided to gove meditation one more honest shot. While it was pleasant enough, it honestly wasn’t as great as I had hoped. I think I’m just gonna stick to strictly yoga from now on.

3. Coronavirus

Do I really need to explain why this is on here?


That’s the March 2020 Recap! I know it was a crazy and even depressing month; that much is certain. I have a feeling that April will follow a similar pattern, given how COVID-19 continues to spread. But here’s hoping for the best despite all that.



Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager

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