What Does it Mean to “Trust the Process”?

How many times have you heard the phrase “trust the process”. It may pertain to finding a job, looking for a partner, or literally any other aspect in your life. But what exactly does it mean? You have have heard people tell you to “trust the process” so many times in so many different situations that you might not understand what it truly means.

In short, to trust the process means to create a plan and then execute it. It sounds simple, but that’s basically it. Yet there are different ways that you can go about practicing the mantra “trust the process”. Here are three different ways to trust the process in your life.

1. Worrying about what you can control

It’s so incredibly easy to worry about every little thing that you can’t control. Such things include (but aren’t limited to) the weather, being told no, dates changing on you, and more. These things are annoying, that’s for sure. But no matter how much you worry over them and similar things, the fact remains the same: You cannot control any of that whatsoever.

This is why you need to stop worrying about what you can’t control, and instead worry about what you can control. Once you realize and accept the fact that you can’t control everything, you’ll feel so much better fairly quick. By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to let go and allow for great things to happen to you. So you have to trust the process and no longer worry about what you can’t control. Focus more on what you can control, and you’ll find that your mindset is much more positive. That’s a huge part of trusting the process that’s also important.

2. Utilizing positive thinking

I already touched upon the importance of mindset earlier, but its importance needs to be hammered home. It’s already well-established that having a positive mindset is crucial in order to trust the process properly. But if this is something that you struggle with in particular, then I’ll explain it further here.

When it comes to trusting the process, you need a positive mindset in order to visualize all of the good that can come your way. This could be a job promotion, a new place to live, a partner- anything that you wish to have or achieve. Act with a positive mindset by talking about your goals positively, think about how your goals will change your life for the better, and/or look at all of the potential you have to give. All of these steps will result in positive thinking, which benefits trusting the process overall.

3. Embracing the fact that failure will happen

Failure comes in different shapes and sizes, and it can hurt more sometimes than it does other times. No one wants to face failure in any way, but the truth is that we will all have to deal with failure at multiple points in our lives. But failure doesn’t mean that your life is over- and that’s super important to remember.

A big part of trusting the process is to embrace the fact that failure can and will happen to you. That’s because trusting the process also means trusting the process of growth. You can’t grow if there’s no chance to grow. By trusting the process, you’ll be able to recognize that you’re exactly where you need to be, even when you do experience a failure. By allowing yourself to trust the process, it’ll be easier for you to get through harder times and focus back on what’s currently going on in your life.


Trusting the process in any aspect of your life isn’t easy- in fact, it can be downright scary. But that shouldn’t put you off from doing it. Take a deep breath and begin to trust the process every day. How will you implement this into your life?




Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager

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