How to Create a Night Routine

Many people have stressed the importance of having a morning routine in order to help set themselves up for success. But have you given any thought to your night routine? If you haven’t, then you’re making a big mistake there. A good night routine is essential to getting the appropriate rest you need and recharge properly. Moreover, it can help set you up for a successful morning, which is also super important.

If you don’t have a night routine currently, that’s okay! The good news is that it can be easy to fix once you know what to do. Here are a few things that you can do to help create a night routine that will benefit you both night and day.

1. Unplug before bed

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s so important to do. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into your phone or tablet as the night winds down. Youtube, social media, online streaming services, and online games are extremely addicting, which makes them so dangerous. Before you know it, you’ve spent so much time online that it’s well past your bedtime. It happens to the best of us at the worst of times.

If you want to gain a ton of benefits from your night routine, you need to unplug for at least one hour before your bedtime. By doing this, the blue light from your devices won’t disrupt your body’s melatonin rhythm and make sleep harder to come by. So if you want a great night’s sleep, put the devices down sooner rather than later!

2. Give yourself time to decompress

If you think you can just end your day and head off to bed immediately after, think again. It’s impossible to just shut your brain off and expect sleep to come to you quickly. It takes time for the body to slow down and relax- a couple hours, in fact. It’s necessary if you want to get a restful night’s sleep.

That’s why your night routine needs to start by decompressing for the day as you see fit. This could include spending time with family or friends, taking some time for yourself, reading a book, listening to music- anything that allows you to properly unwind. Doing this for at least a couple of hours before you go to sleep helps prepare your brain for bedtime. Your body will take you for doing this.

3. Don’t get into bed until you’re ready to sleep

It can be tempting to watch TV or read a book in bed before you lay your head down for the night. But that’s actually a big mistake to make in your night routine. That’s because doing such activities before you sleep gets your body used to being awake in bed. Therefore, falling asleep in bed becomes harder to do, which is the last thing you need to deal with.

So if you’re looking to read or watch TV before bed, it’s better to do so on the couch or anywhere else that isn’t your bed. When you’ve finished winding down for the night, then head off to bed for the night. That way, it’ll be easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep every night.

4. Go to bed at the same time every night

I know how hard it is to go to bed at the exact same time every night. You may have even rolled your eyes just reading such a statement. But it’s important to do so if you want your night routine to work. A lot of sleep issues stem from either sleeping in on the weekend or from not getting enough sleep during the workweek.

With that in mind, it’s so important to have a consistent bedtime in order to keep sleep issues away. Every day and every night, you should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time (barring special circumstances, of course). This is super important if you want to create a night routine that can benefit you as much as possible.


Those are a few ways to help create a night routine that can benefit you all of the time. What does your night routine look like? What tips do you have to help create a night routine for yourself? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on social media!




Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

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