How I Deal With the Sunday Scaries

Have you ever heard of the “Sunday Scaries”? I hadn’t heard of it until recently on TikTok, when I heard a couple creators mention the term. For those who haven’t heard it before, Sunday Scaries are defined by as “the anxieties one experiences on Sunday when thinking about the impending workweek, school week, or other obligations that await in the week ahead.” So even if you’re unfamiliar with this term, chances are you’ve still experienced them before.

That doesn’t mean you have to endure the Sunday Scaries. You can and should enjoy your Sundays without any sense of dread for the upcoming week. Here are a few ways that I deal with the Sunday Scaries. Perhaps they’ll help you out too!

1. Don’t overbook your week

We’ve all been guilty of overloading of schedule week in and week out. Between work, socializing with friends and family, working out, and many other commitments, it’s easy to stretch yourself thin. Just the thought of your schedule can bring the Sunday Scaries on and stress you out. I know because I’ve dealt with this in the past.

If you find yourself dealing with this, it may be worthwhile to look at your schedule and see if you can make it more manageable. It may be difficult, but it’s important to not overwhelm your weekly schedule. That way, the Sunday Scaries are less likely to creep up on your an ruin your mood before the week begins.

2. Make Sundays more enjoyable

Keeping the Sunday Scaries at bay can be done by using the day to partake in certain things. Some of it may be things you don’t necessarily love (i.e. laundry, cleaning, meal prep, etc.), but they’ll leave you feeling productive. In addition, do several other things that you enjoy doing. This includes (but is not limited to) taking a workout class, doing your favourite skincare treatment, order takeout from your favourite restaurant- the possibilities are endless. Go so far as to unplug from the Internet if need be. The main point is to do whatever you need to do to keep the Sunday Scaries away and enjoy the day.

3. Be kind to yourself

It’s incredibly important to not be so hard on yourself prior to a new week. If you spend your Sunday being productive and taking care of yourself, that’s okay. If you spend it being lazy and chilling out, that’s okay too. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you didn’t spend your Sunday the way you had hoped. Being hard on yourself can make the Sunday Scaries a thing and cause you to start the week on a bad note. So being kind to yourself is important- and I always try to do that.


That’s how I try to deal with the Sunday Scaries. How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on social media!




Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager

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