Lexi’s Final Year – Sneak Peek

Isaac Ambros sank into the familiar dingy brown couch that sat in the living room of his New York City apartment. He lied down and let his body sink into the soft couch cushions. It felt softer than it had last year— or maybe it had always been this soft? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Isaac had moved into his apartment before his final year at New York University was set to begin.

He had less than a week before the fall semester started. Prior to today’s move-in, he’d spent a couple of hours ensuring he could find all his classes with ease. They were all clustered in or around the same set of buildings on campus, so finding them was easier than expected. He and his parents had also gone to the campus bookstore to purchase his textbooks and a few school supplies he’d forgotten to pack before the move.

Once that was all taken care of, the trio had made the drive to Isaac’s apartment to move him in. He had managed to snag the same unit he had lived in with best friends and fellow students Felipe Rodriguez and DeShawn Lexington. They wouldn’t be moving in until tomorrow— Felipe was busy helping his little brother move into his dorm at Rutgers University, and DeShawn had to finish up his last shift at Hollister today.

Isaac’s dark brown eyes darted to the navy blue futon across from him before finally settling on the brown coffee table. He then looked directly in front of him to nothing in particular. His eyes abruptly fluttered closed as exhaustion from a busy day of moving took over his body. He didn’t fall asleep; he just wanted to rest for a bit.

His mind wandered back to the phone call he’d had with his girlfriend, Alexandra “Lexi” Cole, shortly after he’d moved out of the same apartment he was now relaxing in. The idea of them moving in together was one he’d thought up while on long the car ride from New York City to Buffalo. It made sense to him at the time; he wanted to spend more time with Lexi, and he knew she felt the same way. Their previous time apart during the summer break before their third year at New York University had proven that absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

“Why don’t we move in together next year?” he’d asked in a phone call he’d made long after he and his family had moved him back into his childhood home.

“What did you just say?” Lexi had asked after a moment of shocked silence.

“I said, ‘Why don’t we move in together next year?’ What do you think of the idea?”

When Isaac had asked her that question, he had no clue how she would react. The idea of them living together had never even been hinted at— let alone mentioned out in the open— before that very phone call. It just seemed like something he thought would benefit both of them. It terrified him, but the excitement almost overtook how nervous the prospect of living with his girlfriend of over a year. Yet a part of him felt more than a little hesitant to ask, let alone go through with it.


Lexi’s Final Year comes to my Wattpad on Monday, May 2nd at 12 PM EST. New chapters will be uploaded every Monday and Friday.

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