Elizabeth Sarah Larkin is a full-time freelance writer and social media manager. She has written for publications in print and online and has also done a lot of work in social media and public relations.

Elizabeth’s writing specialties are as follows:

  • News articles
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Company blogs
  • Research reports
  • Creative writing

Her public relations specialties include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media analysis
  • Content creation
  • Project management

Other skills she has includes:

  • Communications
  • Data collection
  • Editing/proofreading

Elizabeth attended Conestoga College to attain a Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours), where she learned and honed her skills. Some of her course highlights include Media Relations; Specialized Writing for Public Relations III; Government Relations and Public Affairs; Advanced Public Relations Research; Implications of Applications of New Media; Issues Management and Crisis Communications; Investor Communication and Donor Relations; and Corporate Social Responsibility. She graduated with Honours and an overall GPA of 3.39.

During her college career, Elizabeth completed two co-op terms in the summer of 2016, and the summer of 2017. Her first term was for Ignition Communications, a public relations firm based in Cambridge ON. For about two months she executed a social media marketing campaign for Tepperman’s, leading volunteers to promote the furniture store’s new Kitchener branch. In addition, she wrote a feature article for WATCH Magazine about local start-up HealthIM, and assisted her boss in advising start-ups from Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre on their public relations’ needs.

Her second cop-op term was for Bryan May, Member of Parliament for Cambridge, North Dumfries, and North Brant. There, she mostly did social media work, including drafting posts and conducting a social media audit. Her project management skills were also put to use when planning and executing MP May’s schedule for Canada Day in order to coordinate which staffers would be with him at which event, as well as which staffers would man his booth in Riverside Park. Other work she conducted during her term including email correspondence, data entry, taking down information from constituents, and staffing MP May at various events.

As a freelance writer, Elizabeth has written many articles for The Weekly Spoon, TheRichest, and TheTalkoShe previously created written content for FurnacePrices.ca, a Canadian-based HVAC website. This was mainly in the form of blogs.

While freelancing in public relations, Elizabeth was a Social Media Associate for Realty Conversion, a real estate marketing start-up based in Cambridge, ON. There, she has drafted a social media calendar, and created blog posts about the company and the real estate business. She also worked remotely as a Social Media Brand Influencer for Headsup Canada, a small clothing company based out of St. Catherines, ON.

Elizabeth continues to actively seek freelance work throughout Canada, as well as any international opportunities that open up.