From November 2019 to June 2020, I was a self-published News Writer for The site covers parenting, children aged three and up, celebrity news, and true crime. As a News Writer, I wrote articles based on pitches submitted either by myself or an Editor. I tried to cover a variety of different stories- fromContinue reading “”


I worked as a Junior Content Editor and self-published News Writer for Babygaga from March 2019 to June 2020. Babygaga covers topics such as pregnancy, parenting news, parenting tips and celebrity news related to the aforementioned topics. As a Junior Content Editor, I submit pitches of news stories in Asana for fellow writers to pick and choose from.Continue reading “Babygaga”

HOLR Magazine

In the spring of 2019, I began to write health-related articles for HOLR Magazine. This Canadian publication focuses on fashion, heath, and other lifestyle-related topics. They’ve also covered interviews with influencers and public figures who are popular and fit HOLR Magazine‘s style and theme. I’ve written a few articles for HOLR Magazine concerning health and fitness-related topics, whichContinue reading “HOLR Magazine”


In April of 2018, I began writing sporadically for Babbletop, a site owned by Adux Media Inc. This site specializes in Top 10 lists mainly about food or health-related topics. The main goal is to inform readers on facts or stories that they may not have been aware of before. We also want to shock and/orContinue reading “Babbletop”


During my time with Valnet Inc., I have also written many articles for TheTalko. Some topics that TheTalko covers include: Beauty and Makeup Fashion Entertainment And much more. Typically speaking, I will pitch something I feel is news worthy to my editor, and then wait until she approves it before I begin writing. Once I have myContinue reading “TheTalko”


I was hired on by Valnet Inc. as a Freelance News Writer in June 2018 for TheRichest. TheRichest covers various topics, including: Lifestyle Gadgets & Tech Style And much more. I get my news topics one of two ways. I will either pitch something I feel is news worthy to my editor, and then wait until heContinue reading “TheRichest”