Tepperman’s K-W Grand Opening

During my internship with Ignition Communications in the summer 0f 2016, I was put in charge of a marketing campaign to help promote Tepperman’s new store opening in Kitchener.

Tepperman’s – a furniture store based in Windsor, ON- were opening in late July of that year. Having never opened a store in the K-W region before, the company was looking to promote both their new store and its brand to a new audience.

I organized volunteers to visit several events in Cambridge and K-W (including the Tour de Grand, Riverside Park, and the new Tepperman’s store, just to name a few) to show off their mascot and give out free items (water bottles, canvas bags, pens, etc.) to people.

Photos were taken at these events, and were later posted on social media between June 2016-July 2016, including:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also used social media to promote upcoming events, as well as thanking people for coming out to these events after the fact.

I also created videos with a local kids’ dance class to help promote Tepperman’s. The videos were shared exclusively on Facebook.

Finally, I wrote a press release about Tepperman’s charity giveaway to local non-profits.

Published by Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Freelance Writer & Social Media Manager

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